We have more than 30 years of brazing expertise. We have inert atmosphere brazing facility with brazing temperature above 800°C up to 1140°C. We supply brazed assemblies on job work basis as well as with material. We can do SS to SS , MS to MS & SS to MS brazing by using Cu, Nickel, Silver, Brass etc. as filler metals. We have capability of development of air or oil leakage testing facility of brazed joints as per customer requirement.

Features :

  • Best quality of brazing joint

  • Suitable for large volume of production

  • No use of flux

  • Consistent results

  • Cost effective

Applications : SS to SS, SS to MS or MS to MS brazed parts being used in / for :

  • Automotive industry

  • Process industry

  • Medical industry

  • Hydraulic fittings

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Tube manipulations

  • Machined assemblies

  • Pressed assemblies

  • Fabrications

  • Wire formed assemblies